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    The next morning, I was feeling really bad. The pain was more intense and mainly felt on the right side of my belly. I started thinking that it was maybe appendicitis too. My wife took me to the Medical Center and my fears came true. They said I had an Cashmere Silk Scarf Eye of the Tiger by VIDA VIDA a7sLJzcl8
    The doctor examined me and told me that I needed to be operated as soon as possible. This of course was not possible in Samothraki, since he was the only doctor on the island and there were not suitable medical facilities and operating rooms on the island. And they needed to find an ultrasound machine or CT scanner.

    elevated white blood cell count . ultrasound machine CT scanner.

    Normally I would get on a boat and be transferred back to Alexandroupoli to be operated by a surgeon at the local hospital. The doctor said that we could not wait much more so he was forced to ask for assistance, so that I could be transported to a hospital by air. The fact is that Samothraki does not have an airport or proper runway. For this emergency situations they managed to persuade a brave pilot to land on a farmers field.

    transported to a hospital by air.

    Samothraki is a medium sized island but it’s not very densely populated. Only around 3-4 thousand people live on the island and most of them are situated at the area around the seaport. So it’s a very warm and friendly community where most people know each other by his first name. My situation was actually the news of the day for everyone living on the island.

    friendly community

    So the doctor finally decided to make his request and about one hour later a small Cessna 180 aircraft arrived from Thessaloniki for me with a pilot and a doctor. I went on the plane with my wife and we left the island.

    Cessna 180 aircraft

    The new doctor examined me on the plane and told the pilot that my situation was not that urgent, therefore we would be better to fly to Thessaloniki and not Alexandroupoli that was a few minutes closer to Samothraki.

    fly to Thessaloniki

    Of course I would immediately get to the operating room. It took us one hour and 10 minutes to take off from Samothraki and land at Thessaloniki airport. An ambulance was waiting there and in a few more minutes I was taken to Mens PinDot Silk Satin Necktie Barneys New York 8u0RX9
    , where I had a CT scan that shows a recently ruptured appendix, and so I then went to surgery.

    AHEPA General Hospital ruptured appendix,

    Everything ended up well I suppose, besides the fact that I lost most of my holidays last summer. The people in Samothraki where very kind and helpful. I even got a telephone from the local doctor to ask me how I was a couple of days later and of course I thanked him for his valuable help. I also got a “get well soon” card from my hotel in Samothraki, wishing me the best and informing me that they invite me next summer to their hotel free of charge to spend the vacations I didn’t have the chance to finish last summer.

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    We help nonprofits learn, increase their influence, and connect with people and resources.
    We close the gaps that hold nonprofits back.
    We revolutionize nonprofits’ place in our state and world.
    We are the state association for all nonprofits in Washington.
    Together, we strengthen our communities through strong nonprofits.

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    The Washington State Nonprofit Conference is the preeminent nonprofit conference in Washington State.

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    Charm Bracelet pink mauve by VIDA VIDA JKKFkIY

    June 6, 2018
    There are 1.5 million nonprofits in the United States. Washington typically sees 4,000 new nonprofits formed each year. How do we make sure people have what they need to think about the difference they want to make and the structure best suited to moving forward? With support from the Office of the Secretary of State,Washington Nonprofits worked with 501 Commons and Wayfind to produce a new toolkit for people wanting to turn an idea into an organization. This toolkit is free, available for download here. Check out the interactive graphic to find what you need to move forward.
    May 25, 2018
    The federal government is currently making preparations for the constitutionally required 2020 Census. With nearly $14 billion in federal funds at stake for Washington State, Washington Nonprofits is calling on Congress to do what it takes to ensure an accurate count in 2020. Read more and watch the video to learn why the census matters what you can do to help ensure an accurate count. Census 2020 from Washington Nonprofits on Vimeo.
    June 19, 2018
    You are running an event in a community center and want to serve wine. Maybe you are planning a donor reception in a board member’s home and have champagne ready to pop open. Perhaps your Cashmere Silk Scarf HIP COLOR TRIBE by VIDA VIDA a4wvyz
    June 12, 2018
    How did baby goats get involved with the oldest wish granting organization in Washington State? Dan Curley, Executive Director of the Wishing Star Foundation, tells the story of how baby goats raised almost $40,000 for [...]
    June 12, 2018
    A New Benefits HR Management Option for Nonprofits We hear from our members all the time that healthcare benefits for employees is a huge challenge. The costs are high and rising fast. Small nonprofits [...]
    June 6, 2018
    There are 1.5 million nonprofits in the United States. Washington typically sees 4,000 new nonprofits formed each year. How do we make sure people have what they need to think about the difference they want Charm Bracelet lilac star by VIDA VIDA YI0bmBgr
    June 6, 2018
    “Thank you! These workshops gave me so much useful information, tangible information to use!” You need to know a lot to run a nonprofit organization. You need a well-honed set of skills and tools designed Womens R3638 Wedge Heels Sandals Remonte PG9Ag

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